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WorkCenter and No.of Individuals in Capacity Levelling

Aug 10, 2017 at 09:24 AM


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Dear All,

Please provide us solution on below query.

we have workcenter (W1) and in that workcenter there are 2 no. of individuals. we have define both individuals as VMC1 and VMC2.

Following is our standard available capacity.

Now, VMC1 is having capacity of 739.5 MIN and VMC2 is having capacity of 739.5 MIN same. Now we have two different material (M1 and M2), M1 can process only on VMC1 and M2 can process only on VMC2. Our requirement in capacity levelling is, production order for material M1 can only allocate to VMC1 and production order created for material M2 can only allocated to VMC2 in capacity levelling. In production order we are having only one operation with workcenter (W1).

For ex: we have production order (P1, P2, P3) for Material (M1) and production order (P4) for material (M2).

How we can achieve Above in capacity levelling and scheduling the production order like above? Which profile will be helpful? and what modification will be required?

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Joaquin Perez Barrios Aug 16, 2017 at 05:05 PM

Hi Jaydeep,

If you want to do capacity leveling on your individuals you will need to create them as independent capacities and add them both to W1.

The real problem is how to direct the capacity to one of them depending on the material to be produced.

If you want to keep standard you can use a standard value for each and set it to zero for the one that doesn't apply. This will work only for a limited number of individuals as there are only 6 standard values and there are no conditionals (IF) in WC formulas (although you may get away with one standard value by cleverly using operations DIV and MOD in your formulas).

You should also investigate if they can be set as production resources/tools.

In cases like this, I always prefer to enhance the system. You can always get a better solution, in terms of usability and maintenance, than trying to arm-twist the system to do something complex while keeping it standard. By providing the enhancement framework, SAP has made it much easier to modify the standard system behavior, keep your modifications organized/documented and reduce the issues during upgrades.



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Hi Joaquin,

Thanks for reply.

I didn't understand "If you want to keep standard you can use a standard value for each and set it to zero for the one that doesn't apply" this point. How SAP can identify material to be directed to particular individuals? I do not think there is direct link between the material and no of individuals. Can you please explain this point in detail, it will be good if you explain with example.

Although, we can split the capacity in production order. In production order there is field name 'capacity' where we can enter the no. of Individuals and quantity. Again this can be done manually, to overcome this we are planning to create LSMW which can update list of production order.



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Amit Sharma Sep 18, 2017 at 12:33 PM


In standard it will be difficult to handle this case. It is recommended to create Two different work centers with 1 No of individuals.

I hope this will help you.



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Hi Amit,

We have come up with following solution.

1. We have define 2 no. of Individuals in work center VMC1 and VMC2 with separate capacity each.

2. Before doing capacity levelling we will assign the VMC1 (no. of individuals) to production order. Instead of updating one by one we have created LSMW to update VMC1 in production order against particular operation.


3. Do Capacity levelling using CM25 with overall profile SAPSFCG005.



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