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Aug 08, 2007 at 11:46 AM

Change variables in web-reports which are personalised automatic


I have a web report with three variables.

One of the variables is a period variable, which got a default value.

After hiding and showing some columns en rows, I personalized this web-report.

Every time I call this report it is show with this default value.

Till now no problem.

Now I change the default value.

When I call the report it is show with the old default value.

This is correct, because i have personalized the web report with the old default value.

But this is not what i want.

When the default value is change, i want the pop-up screen to change my variables.

So the user knows that the default value is changed and he can get new recent data if he likes.

The user does not want to delete his personalized web report because he has hiding en showing columns and rows.

He also not want to check every time of the period variable has changed.

With a pop-up screen he become aware that the period has changed.

Does anyone know a answer for this problem ?

Thanks Eric