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Aug 10, 2017 at 05:36 AM

Problem with BRBACKUP - only in DB13 - "rman nocatalog"



i face an Error in Full-Online Backup with BRTOOLS. Log-Backup works normaly.

I got the following Error only if i plan the Backup in the Transaction "DB13" in SAP.

I got no Error if i run the Backup OS-Level.

The Database works not on the same host as SAP. (decentralized)

Excerpt from Log:

BR0203I to \\\SAP_Backup$\oracle\PIV\backup\bewllwlt\SR3.DATA27.S ...
BR0252E Function _spawnlp() failed for '( H:\oracle\PIV\11203\BIN\rman nocatalog ) < H:\Oracle\PIV\sapbackup\.bewllwlt.000 > H:\Oracle\PIV\sapbackup\.bewllwlt..000 2>&1' at location BrProgStart-4
BR0253E errno 2: No such file or directory
BR0267E Asynchronous execution of program failed
BR0200I BR_TRACE: location BrRmanCall-56, commands for RMAN in: H:\Oracle\PIV\sapbackup\.bewllwlt.000
host 'F:\usr\sap\GW3\SYS\exe\nuc\NTAMD64\brtools.exe -f delete H:\Oracle\PIV\sapbackup\..bewllwlt..000';
run { allocate channel dsk device type disk;
set nocfau;
backup incremental level 0 filesperset 1 diskratio 0 tag bewllwlt check logical
datafile 'G:\ORACLE\PIV\SAPDATA1\SR3_27\SR3.DATA27'
format '\\\SAP_Backup$\oracle\PIV\backup\bewllwlt\SR3.DATA27.S';
release channel dsk; }
list backup of datafile 30 tag bewllwlt;
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-08-09 16.23.59
BR0506E Full database backup (level 0) using RMAN failed
BR0222E Copying G:\ORACLE\PIV\SAPDATA1\SR3_27\SR3.DATA27 to/from H:\Oracle\PIV\sapbackup\..bewllwlt..000 failed due to previous errors
BR0056I End of database backup: bewllwlt.fnd 2017-08-09 16.23.59
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-08-09 16.24.01
BR0054I BRBACKUP terminated with errors
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2017-08-09 16.24.01

Thanks for your Answers.

Regards Markus