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Former Member
Aug 08, 2007 at 11:49 AM

duplicate entires because of shared rsnum(reservation number)



We are fetching rsnum(reservation numbers) from the table EKET for the given PO(ebeln) number and PO item number(ebelp)

We get 3 rsnum

Now we fetch the item material data from table RESB for the given rsnum which we gave got from EKET.

But for each item material, PO number and PO item number, we get 2 entries and each record will have a different rsnum.

So we get duplicate entries based on the RSNUM.

The item materials(matnr) from table RESB share the RSNUM from EKET table which leads to duplicate entries when we fetch the data from table RESB..

How do we avoid this..Is there any field in RESB which matches with any field in EKET.

Thank You.