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Aug 08, 2007 at 09:50 AM

Transfer Routine Problem


Hi Experts,

I'm writing a Transfer Routine for one of my InfoObject calles ZCRM_ESCLT. When I debug my routine, the routine gives the correct result but I when check in the data target,the field is empty,meaning that the routine does not store the result. Here is my code.Please help.

Data: zusername(20) TYPE c.

CLEAR result.

SELECT SINGLE /bic/zcrm_unam INTO zusername

FROM /bic/azsrvhist00

WHERE /bic/zoguid = tran_structure-guid

AND /bic/zobj_id = tran_structure-object_id.

IF zusername = tran_structure-usnam.

result ='1'.


returncode = 0.

Full points will be rewarded if the problem is solved.

Thanks and Regards,