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Aug 08, 2007 at 09:36 AM




could any one send me answers for these questions

1. In Script Standard form medruck i have from .here i have modified logos ,address, descriptions, signature,

line items .if any further modifications is there or realtime how to do?

2. In bdc i have not given screen number what error will come?

3. In bdc local mode is there which sistuation use to this mode?

4. In vbak 1 to 10 records .I have declared select-opotions . I write select statement .

I want 1 3 5 records h to do ? And i want 11 12 13 14 15 is it possible to display or not?

5. In selection-screen Company code 1000 is there. I want displaY the related plants how to do ?

6. Scripts is client dependent how can i explain?

7. How to modify the standars programs?

8. What is diff between background process and foreground process?

9. what is diff between workbench request and custmizing request?

10. Smartforms how to send email?

11. How to create matchcode objects and lockobjects?

12. What is requirement for index in realtime object?

13. How to declare the line items in script?

14. what tcode for billingdocument?

15. what is diff between at new and on chnage statements ?

16. In Alv program what is the use of the reruse_alv_events functionmodule?

17. In Alv program output modifications or not how?

18. In Script how to call one window to another window?

19. How to use field exit and waht is the step by step process ?

20. What is the diff b/w roll area and paging?