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Former Member
Aug 08, 2007 at 09:08 AM

Possibility to create variables for key figures in SAP 3.5 query


Hi All,

I focus the following problem:

A query on SAP System 3.5 needs to be created with cost center in rows and a global structure that is supposed to show the operating result (about 20-30 structure elements) in columns.

Depending on reporting purpose the user wants to be able to select the key figure in advance, e.g. Actual or Budget or Forecast. It needs to be possible to select out of about 20 different key figures.

My plan is to create those key figures as restricted key figures and now I am looking for a possibility to create a variable on key figures so the user can select the key figure when running the query.

It is not possible to limit the result only by using variables on characteristics like value type or version since the restriction of the key figures vary unfortunately.

Has anybody faced the same problem before and has a solution for this? Any input is appreciated!

Otherwise I need to create one query for each key figure I guess...

Thanks a lot in advance for any reply.