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Change Status of Ticket in C4C using SDK.

Aug 09, 2017 at 02:05 PM


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Dear Experts,

We would like to change the status of Ticket to "In Progress" when the Survey feedback answer is "Yes"

I write my code in

"Business Object: Questionnaire"

"Node: ValuationCollection"

"Event: BeforeSave"

With Code "this.ServiceRequest.RejectSolution();" , I get an error "Access of member 'RejectSolution' in a cross-deployment unit is not possible"

I cannot Add Deployment Unit for the Extended Business Object.

Also for I want to use "this.ServiceRequest.SendBackForRevision();" in the same event.

Error : Approval functions can only be called within script files of approval actions.

If Someone knows the ways to solve this, please share

Thank you

Kind regards


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2 Answers

Douglas Rohmann
Aug 09, 2017 at 08:38 PM

Dear Prat,

To avoid this issue, you can try creating a reuse library to update the Service Request BO. In a reuse library,

it should be possible to bind every function to a deployment unit. In this way you should be able to put your function in a different deployment unit from the one where you are developing the solution on and then call it via Event-Before-Save.

Best Regards,
Douglas Rohmann

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Hi Douglas,

Thanks for the reply, still I am not clear with the approach.

so according to you in the Event-BeforeSave of "Business Object: Questionnaire" and "Node: ValuationCollection"

I execute

SetServiceRequestInProgress(this.ServiceRequest) // SetServiceRequestInProgress is Function in Reuse Library

see the screenshot below

I dont see any function in the list.

Please guide.



Alexey Ledenev
Jun 17 at 03:34 PM

Hi Prat,

You can also take a look at this - the description of the way how to communicate across different deloyment units



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