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Aug 08, 2007 at 03:55 AM

SOLAR02-replace logical component


Dear Friends,

I am working with Solution Manager 4.0, patch level SP12. In SOLAR01 i have finalised my business structure. Now in SOLAR02, i have assigned some logical component to link to satellite systems. i am having about 500 transactions in SOLAR02. Later point of time i realized that i have wrongly assigned the logical components to my 500 transactions. Now i want to replace my existing logical component with new one.

In Sol Man, i am having the option to mass replacement of logical component.

(Ths path is, Edit---Replace logical component)

Here, i am entering, Log. Component to be Replaced & Replace with logical component. If i do the consistency check, i am getting message that , " Log component SAPR3 can be replaced with ZSAPR3".

But if i save, i am getting following error.

<b>The requested object is locked by another transaction</b>

<b>The details of the error is below:</b>

The requested object is locked by another transaction

Message no. MC602


A lock requested by calling an ENQUEUE function module cannot be provided because the object in question has already been locked by its own transaction.

Technical Information: The C_ENQUEUE routine returns the following values:



System Response

The ENQUEUE function module triggers an appropriate exception. If this exception was not intercepted by the application program, it leads automatically to the active SAP transaction being cancelled.


Once the ENQUEUE function module is called, the application program should intercept this exception and react to it appropriately.

Message Text

The requested object is locked by another transaction

Technical Data

Message type__________ E (Error)

Message class_________ MC (Aggregate: views, matchcodes, lock objects)

Message number________ 602

Message variable 1____ ZS933SENTHIL

Message variable 2____ ESOLARTAB

Message variable 3____ ZS933SENTHIL

Message variable 4____

Message Attributes

Level of detail_______

Problem class_________

Sort criterion________

Number________________ 1

Please guide me to solve this problem.