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Aug 07, 2007 at 09:40 PM

GetTimeZoneString: QWCRTVTZ failed


We have an ABAP+Java 6.40 system that is experiencing problems. This system has been running for approximately 2 years on the same LPAR as two other SAP systems. They all started successfully as recently as Sunday, 8/5/07. We were experiencing some issues, tried to change the gw/max_conn parameter, and restarted. That is when we started experiencing the issues. We have since reverted back to the original value of this parameter, and still cannot start the system.

When we try to start the systems, we receive the error "GetTimeZoneString: QWCRTVTZ failed" in the job log for the SAPSTART Job on both instances. This results in a situation in which our java system will not start and the ABAP system creates many dumps stating "ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF". We have run across many notes and posts related to the "ZDATE_LARGE_TIME_DIFF" error, but none seem to apply. Specifically SAP Notes 960259 and 697353 refer to a patch level that we are already at. We are at SAP_BASIS 640 patch level 18. Also the QPTERM and QSH date test described in note 960259 passes.

We do have an SAP Message open as well, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Christopher Clemenson