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Aug 07, 2007 at 09:05 PM

Copy Control Routines


Hi all,

ABCD (discount /surcharge) price condition for return credits is pulling its rate from a pricing table, but should be pulling directly from the original invoice being credited. I have found that when credits are issued for 15 items and the number of items returned is only 1. which is significantly less than what was originally ordered, then the ABCD rate that is credited is higher than was originally charged. (Ex: 15 Items purchased shows a ABCD rate of $0.25/lb. But 1 item returned now shows a ABCD rate of $1.00/lb that gets credited.)

I thought it would be a copy control problem, so I checked in VTFF for RE and f2 copy, the copies are not maintained. So, could this be the real problem behind the issue. If yes, what are the header and item routines that should be maintained? If not the Please suggest if it would be some thing different?