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Integrating the Fiori Component into a UI5 Application

Hello SAP,

Our PoC on the integration of SAP FIORI APPS with a 3rd Party Content Repository services through the Cloud-Based SAP Document Center has been road-blocked for over 1 week because of an exception manifesting from the Mobile Content Management Module (i.e. "mcm") library.

For the PoC, we have followed the guide here: Integrating the Fiori Component into a UI5 Application.

In other for us to resolve the issue, we tried to the debug the issue with the following updates viz:

1. Exception is being thrown in the "load: function()" of the "documentlist.controller.js" within the "mcm" modules.

Because "u = t.getConfigurationProperty("/startId")" is undefined, then "u.displayPopup()" throws the exception.

The reference blog did not indicate what value should be set for "startId" in the call for the "factory.create({........})" function; we have searched unsuccessfully what this key represents.

2. In the "Component.js" within the "mcm" module, we have this initialization being performed:

c.prototype.setStartId = function(n) {

this.setProperty("startId", n);

this.getModel("configuration").setProperty("/startId", n)


3. In the "session.js", the function below is confusing to us:

h.prototype.adjustUrl = function c(m) {

var l = m.indexOf("/mcm/");

if (this.destination.path !== null)


return this.destination.path + m.substring(l)


else {

return m



Often, we see in the console of chrome: 404 (Not Found) if we passed the "/mcm" as the "destinationPath" in the create function call of our view controller (and where the correct configurations exist in neo-app.json).i.e.

docCenterComponent = factory.create({

                // required parameters
                type: "DocumentList”,
                destinationPath: "/mcm",
                repositoryId: "xxxxx-xxxx-xxx",
                objectId: "xxxx-xxx-xx",
                // optional parameters
                metadata1: “cmis:lastModificationDate”,
                metadata2: “cmis:lastModifiedBy”,
                metadata3: “cmis:contentStreamLength”,
                metadata4: “mcm:classification”

We believe the "404 (Not Found)" manifests because of "return this.destination.path + m.substring(l)".

We are completely stalled right now on this project....

Help Resolve.

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