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Aug 07, 2007 at 02:07 PM

Incorrect result of multiplication for quantity fields,coverting LB to KG.


Hi All,

The requirement is to convert LB(pounds) to KG.The formula goes as follows.

l_ntgew = vbap-kwmeng * w_mara-ntgew * l_zcazz .

l_brgew = vbap-kwmeng * w_mara-brgew * l_zcazz .

where kwmeng = '1' is ordered quantity,w_mara-ntgew = '0.157' is the net weight from mara and l_zcazz ='0.454' is the conversion factor from LB to KG.

This information is for material mara-matnr = '100014609'

The result I am getting is l_ntgew = '71278.000' which incorrect.

Actual result is = '0.071278' .

Similar issues with l_brgew.

The same code works fine in a custom program but the requirement is to modify userexit 'userexit_check_vbap using us_dialog' within include 'MV45AFZB'.Here it fails completely. We have tried all types of field declarations, be it float or packed or ntgew_ap(quantity field).

Please help.Its urgent.Full points will be awarded to the correct solution.