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Quotation Unit Costing is not saved in the Sales Order

Hi Gurus,

We are having MTO with VC.

1. We configure the material in the Quotation (Price No 1), then

2. Do some unit costing (adding some costs) then save the quotation (Price No 2).

We create a Sales Order out of the Quotation and the changed price is coming in (Price No 2), which is fine.

But, when we save the Sales Order, systems reverts back to Price No 1 and this will be the saved price in the Sales Order.

Why? Do we have a solution for this? Are we missing some settings?

Thanks in advance


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  • It seems that your question requires additional information. Please make sure that your question outlines the steps you took to find information and create the question again. This way members will know that you searched and were unable to find what you needed.
    You may also want to include screenshots of what you're seeing, to help members further understand the issue. And please provide some additional details, as the question is fairly short.

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    I thought my question was clear enough: why the system change back the price from unit costing price from the quotation into standard costing price upon saving the sales order?

    What other information do you need and I will be happy to provide.



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