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Aug 07, 2007 at 12:47 PM

Where to find Analysis and Button Group Web item?



From, I found the following snippet for Switching Between Chart and Table Using a Pushbutton Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

<i> <u>1. Insert the Analysis Web item into your Web template that includes the Chart Web item; assign the same data provider to the Analysis Web item and set the required parameters. Set this Web item to Hidden initially.

2. Insert the Button Group Web item into your Web template. In the first row of the pushbutton list, enter "Display Table" for Caption.</u>


When I opened the Bex Web Application Designer, I could not find

a) the <i>Analysis Web item</i> in point 1.

b) the <i>Button Group Web item</i> (I could find radio Button Group)

Where do I find these? In the list of WebItems, I could not find these.

Also, When I checked the <b>Info</b> under <b>Help</b> of Bex Web Application Designer, I found the Final Rersion 3.5.0. Does it mean that I am using the 3.5.0?, Because there is an issue with Portal 7.0 integration for this web template too.