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IdM Database Copy Question

Hi Guys,

I just finished a DB copy of our Development System (Source) to Sandbox System (Target). I have a few set of questions and I hope you can clarify them:

1. The actual job which do the db table copy for MXMC_OPER user run for 8 hours. Considering that Production will be copied in the future, should I set the copy jobs as "Bootstrap"? This is that I expect running this to production should exceed to 12 hours and dont want to repeat the process as a downtime of the source (Production) is required on this activity.

2. I have seen the Runtime Engines are copied as well from the source, is it okay to delete them? Or it will cause any implications in the system newly refreshed?

3.Should I run a DB and Windows Instance restart once the actual copy was done? I am just thinking that it might be a good practice to do just to refresh any gears or flow that might got affected by the copy?

4. Any other best practices you can recommend that was not covered in the documentation but you encountered and apply during your actual db copy?

Thanks in advance as always.

Best Regards,


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1 Answer

  • Aug 08, 2017 at 08:59 AM

    Hello Santi,

    since I had the great fun of doing a database migration (for 7.2) last year (for which you use the copy job, too), I have some input:

    I can answer No.1 with a clear YES.

    More then that, check the Java options of the syscopy dispatcher.

    I had a lot (and I mean A LOT) of issues with my production copy job restarting time after time (after time...), because the heap space wasn't big enough. I ended up setting it to 8 GB at the end and then I still had to manually help the job along by disabling passes in the copy job that were already sucessfully done.

    Are we talking about a 7.2 or 8.0 installation here?




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    • Hello Santi,

      "-Xmx2g" means "2 GB" (the "2g" at the end). That's what I have in my currect setup for the normal dispatchers (provision, batch etc).

      Like I wrote in my first reply, in the syscopy dispatcher I ended up using 8 GB. If I remember correctly you can use something like 80% of the available RAM. The RAM of the source system that is, because that's where the dispatcher is running. So just check your system values and adjust the java options accordingly.