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How to change the return address in manually sent emails

Aug 07, 2017 at 05:17 PM


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Dear Community,

we're working on Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 and unfortunately we're not able to find where we can change the return address for manually sent emails from Incidents.

Here is how to call the functionality:

And now it seems like default, that the current user email addres will be the return address and this is not changeable:

Is it possible to change this address to a standard address for every user? So it will not be dynamic for every user, but instead static for everyone.

Thanks and best regards,

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3 Answers

Spencer Liang
Aug 08, 2017 at 11:46 PM

In CRM, the TO is editable.

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Former Member

Dear Spencer,

can you explain please in more detail where I have the possiblity to change the return address to a fixed address for every user?


Usually it is the get_i_*method that set the field grayed-out.

1st, you need to use F2 to get the component view, and field name. Then find it in bsp_wd_cmpwb and debug get_i_* whether rv_disabled is set to false or true. In your case, it should be true.

If false is hard coded, you may enhance this method and set it to true.



please paste the component view and field names here.

better to attach the screenshot.

I may have a look at it.

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I'm not sure if your solution fits my requirement:

I want to have a default return address defined by me (our solution Manager e-mail address) which should not be changeable in the UI.

Is there a possibilty for that?


"I want to have a default return address defined by me (our solution Manager e-mail address)"

--> is it From or To?

Anyway, say, you mean To. You want to make it editable and does not allow end user to delete email address from it? It requires extra z codes to check the existing address.

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I mean the 'From' address. This should be not editable like it is now, but should 'suggest' another fixed mail address for every user.

Ok, I think if the answer is: 'It requires Z code' then my question is answered.

Thank you

Sigrid Wieshofer
Aug 08, 2017 at 02:17 PM


If it is pure One2One E-Mail functionality, the address maintained for the user in SU01 is used. Not sure if there is any additional functionality in solution manager.

Can you check for your test case if the E-Mail is maintained for your user in SU01?


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Hi Sigrid,

thanks for your respond.

Yes my user has this e-mailadress in SU01. This is by purpose.

But I asked for having this return address for every user using this functionality, like our central e-mail adress (/inbound address).

Is it possible to change it for everyone to a fixed address?

Best regards,


Rodion Rodionov
Aug 11, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Hi Jürgen, you can also consider to use PPF action SMIN_STD_MAIL_FORM to Send email to a BP with mail form, then you will have an option to provide a Default Sender address.

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Former Member

Hey Rodion,

thanks for the answer.

Use case is to send mails from Solution Manager with attachments and tracking-id. So if customer responds to the mail (with our SolMan E-Mail address as return address) answer will be attached to the ticket again.
With PPF action Tracking-ID would be possible, but unfortunately not the attachment(s). So I considered to use manually send mails with Mail form which includes Tracking-ID as variable.


Jürgen, what attachment`s you want to send? If that`s attachments from incident then, I believe, it may be possible to send them with PPF action, but this would require abap. You can try to check this articles:

Though I must admit, that I haven`t tried that by myself... =)

Please share you solution, if you would have one.