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Assign multiple values to a global variable to be used in GeoMap


I've researched this quite a bit, and I believe I'm on the right track. However, I'm having a little difficulty executing this.

I have multiple layers in a GeoMap that I need to act as "one" layer when I toggle between a period button. The user has the option to select either YTD or PTD in a radio button. Initially, there are three layers showing that all represent the upper hierarchical view of the map (all three layers are YTD). If the user selected PTD I need all three of the PTD layers to not show, then show the other three PTD layers.

I was originally doing this with one later for each PTD and YTD using a global variable that passed a string array to assign the layer. However, with multiple layers I'm having a bit of trouble.

The biggest issue here is that once PTD (or YTD) is selected the user then can drill down into the next layer. The three PTD layers are all feeding into the lower hierarchical layer, so there is a filter being set to only show (and zoom/center) into the area that is selected from the top view with three layers.

I hope this makes sense the way I described it. To sum:

On startup: 3 layers showing in YTD. User has the option to toggle between YTD and PTD. Once selecting a bubble in one of the three layers for YTD or PTD the map zooms/centers into lower layer that only shows bubbles for that period (YTD or PTD) and is filtered for that geographic information. Need a way to pass multiple layers as one variable that will work when changing between layers in the GeoMap.

edit: I am on Design Studio 1.6

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  • Hi Haley,

    Your description somewhat makes sense but to get a faster response from the community it is always advisable to post annotated screenshots for such scenarios to further clarify your issue.

    Regarding "Need a way to pass multiple layers as one variable", I don't see why your original approach of "using a global variable that passed a string array to assign the layer" does not work in this scenario?

    In any case, I think that screenshots would help to expedite a solution.



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