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Aug 07, 2017 at 10:36 AM

Customize Group in Smart Table

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Hi Experts,

i am using the smart table , and i want to display only few columns in the group tab in the smart setting dailog , i am currently doing it by removing sortProperty attribute from the customData , But if i remove sortProperty, columns are getting hidden from both Sort and Group option, I need to hide only from the Group tab in the smart control settings, Please help.

<Column hAlign="Left"> <customData> <core:CustomData key="p13nData" value='\{"columnKey": "EVT_DATE","leadingProperty": "EVT_DATE","filterProperty": "EVT_DATE"}'/> </customData> <Text text="{i18n>table_Date}"/> </Column>

<Column hAlign="Left"> <customData> <core:CustomData key="p13nData" value='\{"columnKey": "VEHICLE_NAME","leadingProperty": "VEHICLE_NAME","sortProperty": "VEHICLE_NAME","filterProperty": "VEHICLE_NAME"}'/> </customData> <Text text="{i18n>tableVehicleNameColumnTitle}"/> </Column>

if i remove sortProperty attribute, the columns are hiding from both Sort and Group in the smart control,

Thanks in advance