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Aug 06, 2007 at 10:09 PM

How Important is a Robust Stakeholder Analysis?


One of the key pieces of analysis that every project should have as early in the project as possible is a very robust Stakeholder Analysis. A robust Stakeholder Analysis will include both internal and external stakeholders. While the internal stakeholders may vary based on the scope of the project, external stakeholders will generally include customers, vendors, regulatory agencies, strategic partners, etc.

When starting a Stakeholder Analysis, the change teams I work with try to envision anyone who might feel an impact from the implementation. We then describe and “quantify” the impacts to the various stakeholder groups. The goals of the stakeholder analysis are to do a thorough identification of stakeholders to be sure all stakeholder groups are included and then to identify what types and levels of communication, training, and support the various groups will need to successfully transition through the changes and issues inevitable with new processes and systems.

For teams I have worked with, the stakeholder analysis is a living document that is updated throughout the project as additional information and detail is developed.

I am curious as to how other OCM consultants are using a Stakeholder Analysis and when in the project life cycle it is developed.

I look forward to hearing from the community.

Caryl Barclay

SAP Organizational Change Principal