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Changing Access Request Submission and Approval screens in GRC Access control

Aug 08, 2017 at 11:06 AM


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Hello Everyone,

I have created a new request type in GRC. The webdynpro which will be launched for this request will be having different fields from SAP standard screens. I have created a new link in NWBC to access the new webdynpro. SAP standard screens are being used for New & Change request types.

My question is: Since request submission screen is modified the request approval screen must come same as submission screen. However webdynpro component is same for both submission and approval screens.

Can anyone tell me how that approval screen will be launched? I mean how the condition to launch new approval screen for new request type will be met. Will workflow handle it automatically?



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2 Answers

Gustavo Soares Jan 25 at 07:02 AM

Hi Mahak, were you able to solve this?

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Madhu Babu Sai #MJ Aug 23, 2017 at 07:44 AM

Hi Mahak,

Can you please let us know how you changed the request submission screen?

- Is it through webdynpro customizing by hiding/disabling/renaming the fields or completely create a new webdynpro application by copying existing one?

- Through End User Personalization?

Approval Screen also can follow the same approach but to understand better first confirm how you changes then can assist on how u can change approval screen.



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Hello Madhu,

We have created a new webdynpro itself. It will be used only for new request type.

There is no hiding/disabling/renaming of fields or any end user personalization involved.

Since the newly created Webdynpro will be having some new fields, same fields should appear on Approval screens as well. So, i just wanted to know how that screen (i mean approver screen with new fields) will be launched when approvers will open the requests (of new request type). While changing webdynpros, how these things will be handled?

Is it something Webdynpro Developer has to take care?