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Advance Shipping Notification with Resource Related Billing

Aug 08, 2017 at 08:46 AM


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Hello Experts,

Below is the process I'm trying to configure through CS module.

Business Scenario is basically a service is performed to the client and also a product is delivered with this.

Currently what I have done is,

1)A service order is created with the operation and a component (component is delivered using ASN)

2. Component delivered using VL01N

3 confirmation of service IW41

4. Now billing request is created for service using RRB

5. Finally, billing document is created referring both delivery number and debit memo request no. So, in VF01 i need to enter both Delivery number and Debit Memo request no to create one billing document. Is this process correct ?

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

shreyas shah Aug 08, 2017 at 01:36 PM

Hi Hussain,

Yes these seems about correct.

In your final billing document you are seeing a sum total of service plus material right and mark up (if any)?

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Yes Correct..

But the COGS value is not getting posted to CO-PA through the Service order. it only getting posted during the billing document.

Basically, Cost and revenue involved with the service is getting posted to COPA at service order level but the cost and revenue related to the material is posted at the billing document level. Is this correct ? or ideally the values should flow from one reference document ?


Is the actual cost and revenue of the material showing up on the service order?


nope..only the plan cost is showing in the service the billing document cost and revenue related to the material is posted.


Then i think the material cost is coming via VL01N directly into the billing document and since it is not coming via service order it is not showing up immediately when you do DP90. As long as your process and users are fine with this cost not showing up on service order you should be fine.