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Slow query performance with SAP Hana Studio

New in SAP, when I do a full scan query (SELECT * FROM “SAPABAP1”.”BT000”) over a WAN, SAP HANA answer slowly. Our network operator says that all is ok. Latency, brandwith, etc. Over LAN time reduces / 3-4. I use network sniffer to see what happens. I can see that results of de data preview are transported unencrypted and uncompressed. All rows are in clear text!. Its possible to compress network traffic? How can I do it? Its a server or a client configuration? My system version is SAP S/4HANA Is there any special configuration for MPLS network?



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  • Aug 08, 2017 at 06:15 AM

    Ok, one thing after the other.

    SELECT * FROM TABLE is the anti-pattern for data processing and for SAP HANA. That's not what applications do and that's not what makes sense from a user point of view (except for when you actually do a table export).

    SQL allows you to tell the database what data you want and how it should be processed. Filters, projections and aggregations typically bring down the amount of result data drastically and provide you with the answer to your question instead of just all data that can be found.

    Using a network sniffer shows that you know how network tools work, but also that you don't know how to read the documentation:

    HANA network protocol reference explains the network protocol in detail and mentioned that there is no compression (that actually was introduced with HANA2 SP02).

    Concerning the encryption: if you don't setup an encrypted connection, then the connection will not be encrypted. If you do, it will be. You get what you chose here.

    I don't really see how MPLS technology plays a role here, HANA talks to the TCP/IP protocol stack. That's it. It doesn't care, what network is underneath.

    Now, your network operator says "all good" - but seeing that you're handy with the toolset: what are the average bandwidth and latency values for the connection between your HANA studio and the HANA system over one or several workdays?

    What is a "slow" response time for you? And how much data is in your "BT000" table? 10 records? 10 million records? 10 MB? 100 GB?

    So, more detailed data is required here to make any recommendation.

    As network seems to be your topic, why not also indulge yourself in 2222200 - FAQ: SAP HANA Network?

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