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How to enable email search in XD03

Aug 07, 2017 at 01:36 PM


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In XD03 there's a search button (screen 0201) where you can look up a customer. Our client has a desire to add the ability to search by email to this screen. However when I look at the screen in se80, it has way more fields than what are actually shown, including an Email search field. Is there any way to get these extra fields enabled without doing a mod? I've been looking in SPRO and SHD0 but without luck so far.

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tag "SAP Customer view" removed - I don't know about what this tag is - but I am certain it is not about customer master

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2 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva
Aug 08, 2017 at 09:10 PM

I'm guessing this is the screen in question (please post a screenshot next time to avoid any confusion).

This screen is part of the address management, not just the customer master. TBH, searching by email seems like a bad idea because email is not stored in KNA1, it's stored in ADR6. And ADR... tables are used for all the addresses, not just customer accounts. It's not indexed by full email, although there is some kind of short email search field, purpose of which is not clear to me.

Of course, you can't change a standard screen without a modification. It might be a better option to add a custom search help to DEBI but again, this won't help with performance. And emails can also be maintained as a contact, which is the whole other table.

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Yes, that's the screen. If you look at screen 0201 in SE80 though, there are many fields included (including email) that are not displayed by default. My thought is there must be some way to enable them.

0201.png (31.6 kB)

Is there anything preventing you from checking the screen's PBO module? Debugger should help.

Still, I'm rather skeptical about this whole idea for the performance reasons. Why do you have to search by email to begin with?



Which version are you in ?

As the screenchots look a bit different,curious if these are from FIORI/Personas ?



This is on a 7.0 server. The company in question is a retail business, and doing customer lookups by email is pretty standard in that business. I already created a new search help for them, but they wanted it added to the search screen which I'm not sure is possible without a mod, despite the field appearing to be there already but hidden.

Jürgen L
Aug 08, 2017 at 07:02 PM

My program SAPMF02D has no 0201 screen, are we talking about the same program?

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