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Aug 05, 2007 at 11:37 AM

Selling directly from Vendor consignment


Hi All

<b>How to sell goods directly from vendor consignment ?</b>

I have to build a selling consignment for a retail company.

That company receive garment into vendor consignment stock. One customer can buy some shirts or trousers. In the month, company will issue alot of sale order. At the end month, that company total up consumption and sent to vendor. Vendor issue invoice and that company payment.

My solution like this:

1. Make PO consignment

2. GR into vendor consignment, no FI document here

3. <b>I want to selling directly from vendor consignment, but I can't</b>


Somebody suggested that I have to transfer FG from vendor consignment to another stock before selling. That solution is not suitable because it take more steps and more time, you can take about <b>10 - 30s per sale order</b>. That company have hundreds of sale order per day, they don't accept that solution.

Please help me selling directly from Vendor consignment

Thanks & Best regards