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Portal 7.5 - dictionay DC is not transportable in SCA file (from NWDI)

Aug 03, 2017 at 08:22 PM


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Former Member

Portal 7.5:

I have a dictionay DC and I have added as a dependency for a web EAR

I am trying to transport it using NWDI ->Track -> SCA file

But it isnot getting deployed.

Portal 7.3, the Dictionary DC got deployed without adding to EAR file.

Any ideas please.

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2 Answers

Milen Dontcheff
Aug 04, 2017 at 01:57 PM

Points to consider:

1. the following versions are consistent:


. Software Components (SCs) in the Development Track

. RunTime System.

For more details please refer to:

2. the build variant, for compilation of the DC, used by the CBS must refer to the correct JDK version. In other words when the version of SCA, NWDS and AS Java (RTS) are 7.50, the build variant should point to JDK 1.8!

More information in this blog:

3. the required SCA dependencies should be defined in the project definition in the SLD, then Update CMS, add the custom SCA, re-import in CMS - Transport Studio .

The required SCAs for development in EP are listed in this SAP note:

2313256 - Required SCs for Specific Type ofDevelopment in SAP NetWeaver 7.5

These might be useful as well:

* Defining Products in a Single Development Configuration¤t_toc=/en/67/6e30d1cc8c4e13b37aeae3fdbbcb7c/plain.htm&node_id=212

* Working with Products and Software Components

* Creating a Development Track

* Imports

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Former Member Aug 04, 2017 at 02:20 PM

Thank you - Milen ; Do I need to read all the above documents to resolve my issue?

The issue is while deploying through SCA file of the track.

Do you have any answer? I have already added the dictionary DC as a deployment type dependency to EAR DC. But it is not getting deployed.

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If you are trying to "transport it using NWDI ->Track -> SCA", then there is misconfiguration or not the correct steps are followed.

When you create a DC, then you have to activate and release the activity where the DC is. If there is automatic activation it will be activated automatically in the CBS. Else you need to trigger the activation from the CBS.

Then the SCA needs to be imported in the CMS - Transport Studio - CONS. If you have configured RTS in CONS then it will be deployed (unless you have set otherwise and you need to trigger the deployment manually from TCS)

Hence, yes, there are a lot of configuration settings on the way. Please go through these documents and post on which step exactly the deployment fails.

Last but not least, it is possible in the NWDI everything to be fine, but the deployment call to no get to the AS Java. Then you should confirm in the CMS logs that the deployment has been sent, in the default trace on the NWDI server and you need to analyse the deployment traces and logs, in the work directory of the target AS Java RTS.

Former Member

Hi Milen,

I am deploying bunch of different type of DCs along with dictionary type with the track. But only this DC is not getting deployed. I have J2EE DCs , External Lib DC and other DC types too.

Any how thanks, I am looking for specific answer if I can check why Dictionay Type DC is not getting deployed.

The same type of DC is getting deployed in the NW7.3 Portal but not in NW7.5 Portal.


start isolating the root cause.

Do you see this DC (or the SCA where this DC is part of) as reported to be deployed on the AS?

Please cross check the CMS logs. The deployment is initiated from the NWDI - CMS.