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Backend connection {AppId} is not mapped for this application configuration-HTTP Status 403

Aug 03, 2017 at 07:26 PM


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Hi All,

I created an Northwind application with application ID: com.test.T29NorthwindOfflineAppV2

ONLINE - App brings data when run in browser

OFFLINE - Same App gives below error on Emulator

Retrieve metadata failed because the OData server returned HTTP code, 403, with message: Backend connection com.test.T29NorthwindOfflineAppV2 is not mapped for this application configuration

HCPms configuration:

  • Mobile Apps >> Hybrid

  • Destinations

Has anyone encountered such a behavior? I would appreciate any ideas / suggestions to resolve the same.

-Thanks in advance/ Sai

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1 Answer

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Nov 25, 2017 at 07:14 PM

Change {AppID} to whatever the offline OData service is called in the Mobile Service for Development and Operations cockpit.

This is usually same as Destination name but Offline settings have to be configured too, for details see:

Defining Offline Settings for Applications at

If you don't need special settings, just use the offline settings wizard after step 13. and ignore the rest of the steps.

In the wizard simply select next, until the offline connection gets Configured.

The offline object should look something like that:

var store = null;
var offlineOData =
    init: function (applicationContext)
        if (applicationContext !== null)
            var properties =
                "name": "destination_name",
                "host": applicationContext.registrationContext.serverHost,
                "port": applicationContext.registrationContext.serverPort,
                "https": applicationContext.registrationContext.https,
                "serviceRoot": "destination_name",
                    "Customers": "/Customers",
                    "Employees": "/Employees",
                    "Orders": "/Orders"
                  //use as many route as many you want to store offline
            store = sap.OData.createOfflineStore(properties);
  , this.errorCallback);
    openStoreSuccessCallback: function ()
        //console.log("Offline store opened");
        sap.OData.applyHttpClient(); //Offline OData calls can now be made against datajs.
    errorCallback: function (e)
        alert("An error occurred: " + JSON.stringify(e));

The applicationContext variable available in login process callback function, in that function, offlineOData.init(applicationContext) can be called.

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