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Barcode Scanning/reading

Hi Friends,

My customer (Retail industry) wants to read Barcode on items in their ware house using a barcode reader and save them directly in SAP. .

I need below information

1. What are standard sap transaction codes have fields to enter barcode .

2. How can we read multiple Barcodes one by one and save in SAP all at a time.

Please share your experience, any inputs are appreciated.



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4 Answers

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    Aug 03, 2007 at 08:01 AM


    SE73 is the transaction code for Barcode.

    U can get Barcode number into SAP while scanning through


    Use the same field to update.

    If you have a barcode scanner, then you should not need reading the barcode into an ascii file to get the data read in an standard or custom screen field. You can read it directly to the field you want. (unless... you have complex data coded in the barcode - for example if you're using an ean-ucc 128 compliant code and you're sending several fields in a single code ... In this case, an interface is almost mandatory because you must interpret the data fields according to the ucc standard, split the code into several fields .... and .... pure programming logic ).

    To put it clear: if you have to read, for example, a barcode that holds the legal number of an invoice using a barcode scanner and this number should be sent to migo-> bktxt then you don't need an interface. The scanner itself acts like a fast operator entering the characters using a keyboard and filling in the field.

    We're reading barcodes in several places (when we finish each pallet, when we receive an invoice, and so on. Each case is a different screen. We arent using an ascii file to read these barcodes. Furthermore, we read the invoice legal number into migo bktxt field (Head Text).



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      Only Se71 is used to create a barcode

      To Create a Bar code prefix:

      1) Go to T-code - SPAD -> Full Administration -> Click on Device Type -> Double click the device for which you wish to create the print control -> Click on Print Control tab ->Click on change mode -> Click the plus sign to add a row or prefix say SBP99 (Prefix must start with SBP) -> save you changes , it will ask for request -> create request and save

      2) Now when you go to SE73 if you enter SBP00 for you device it will add the newly created Prefix

      Create a character format C1.Assign a barcode to the character format.Check the check box for the barcode.

      The place where you are using the field value use like this

      <C1> &itab-field& </C1>.

      You will get the field value in the form of barcode.

      Which barcode printer are you using ? Can you download this file and see.

      It will give an idea about barcode commands.

      Check this link:

      Check this link:

      Hope this link ll be useful..

      Detailed information about SAP Barcodes

      A barcode solution consists of the following:

      - a barcode printer

      - a barcode reader

      - a mobile data collection application/program

      A barcode label is a special symbology to represent human readable information such as a material number or batch number

      in machine readable format.

      There are different symbologies for different applications and different industries. Luckily, you need not worry to much about that as the logistics supply chain has mostly standardized on 3 of 9 and 128 barcode symbologies - which all barcode readers support and which SAP support natively in it's printing protocols.

      You can print barcodes from SAP by modifying an existing output form.

      Behind every output form is a print program that collects all the data and then pass it to the form. The form contains the layout as well as the font, line and paragraph formats. These forms are designed using SAPScript (a very easy but frustratingly simplistic form format language) or SmartForms that is more of a graphical form design tool.

      Barcodes are nothing more than a font definition and is part of the style sheet associated with a particular SAPScript form. The most important aspect is to place a parameter in the line of the form that points to the data element that you want to represent as barcode on the form, i.e. material number. Next you need to set the font for that parameter value to one of the supported barcode symbologies.

      Reward all helpfull answers



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    Aug 03, 2007 at 08:25 AM

    Thanks for quick replies ,

    But my question is about Barcode reading, for ex: I have a custom screen with multiple screen fields like below

    Fileld1 _____________

    Fileld2 _____________

    Fileld3 _____________

    Fileld4 _____________

    Fileld5 _____________

    <u><b> Save Button</b></u> <u><b>cancel button</b></u>

    Once i read all the barcodes then i will press Save button , then it should get stored in SAP .

    the other question is which standard Transaction codes has the Input filed for bar code .


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    Jul 19, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    What is work flow for Automatic Invoice Verification ( MIGO is done through Bar Code) . What issues needs to be taken care before proejct kick off.

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    Jul 20, 2015 at 07:01 AM

    Hello Satish,

    Its totaly depends on what type of barcode scanner you are going to use for scanning.

    If it is USB scanner then you simply go far module pool program having input field to scan the barcode.

    Put the cursor on input field and scan the barcode,the value gets appear in that input field.

    Then use the event Process On Value-Request to capture input field data into internal table.



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