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Issue in ABAP in Eclipse on Linux

Aug 07, 2017 at 08:23 AM


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Hi folks,

I have installed SAP GUI for Java 7.40 rev 12 on Ubuntu (17.04). Then I installed Eclipse Oxygen and ADT tools for ABAP development.

But I have a strange issue in Eclipse :

  • When I use use 'Open SAP Gui' (Ctrl + 6) button to open any transaction (say se11) and open tables etc., everything works fine.
  • But if I use the same button to open any code (through se38/se37/se80 etc.) the screen starts to flicker rapidly. It becomes impossible to work after that. The only way is to restart Eclipse.
  • Strangely using 'Open ABAP development Object' (Ctrl+Shift+A) button to search and open the same report/FM etc. does not cause any flicker and I am able to work fine.

Initially I thought it may be bug with Eclipse Oxygen, so I went to Eclipse Neon version, but same issue was there too. I even checked with a friend, who noticed same issue so I am sure the issue isn't only on my machine.

I installed SAP Gui 7.50 on Windows (native client) and then Eclipse Oxygen/SAP ADT, but I didn't find this issue in Windows.

So, I suspect it's either issue with Linux client or SAP GUI Java. Any suggestions to resolve this issue?



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2 Answers

Marco Hernandez Oct 18, 2017 at 10:51 AM

Hi Ravi,

Today I had exactly the same bug. Somehow Eclipse does not like to work with GTK3. So what I did was to include this line in the eclipse.ini file:



That did the job! Now I can display any SAP transaction and debug from eclipse.

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Interesting, but if it's GTK then why only start freaking out when SAPGUI does it's thing.

I wonder if SAPGUI likes GTK2 and Eclipse GTK3. So maybe updating to SAPGUI 7.5 might also do the trick...?


Thanks Marco. Will also try it out and get back to it.

Mike Pokraka Aug 07, 2017 at 08:53 AM

My guess is that it's either to do with java or eclipse-sapgui integration.

Do you get flickering if you start sapgui directly - i.e. bypassing eclipse altogether?

If so then the issue is with your java or the java gui. If not, then it's java or the eclipse-sapgui integration.

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It works fine in SAP GUI Mike. But SAP GUI on Linux being Java based doesn't support 'new' ABAP editor. Hence, I would like to use ABAP on Eclipse on Linux .

The issue is definetly with Eclipse-SAPGUI integration. But I am not sure which is the correct team to handle this issue. Eclipse or ADT (ABAP Development Tools) plugin team.


Using pure SAPGUI was just a troubleshooting exercise. Have you tried updating to 7.5 GUI and the latest JVM?