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Aug 03, 2007 at 02:16 AM

Please help me in coading



I am doing my MS in germany and i am doing a project in sap abap.

My table (REQUEST TABLE)consists of 6 fields and they are







In this table CUSTOMER_ID is the primary key and ACC_NO,ACC_HOLDER_NAME,SSN_NUM are foriegn keys.

ACC_NO,ACC_HOLDER_NAME,SSN_NUM are the primay keys in account table.

i need to create screen to enter data into (REQUEST TABLE)

When u enter data in (ACC_NO,ACC_HOLDER_NAME,SSN_NUM) these three fields and when this data is equal to the same data in account table and then if i press enter on NO_OF_REQUESTS field then 2 should apper in this field.

when the data doesnt match if i press enter in the input field of NO_OF_REQUESTS then 1 should apper automatically.

i.e when i give the input when account details new then NO_OF_REQUESTS it should have 1 and when the account details are all ready present then it should be incrementented by 1 and it sold apper in the input field as soon as i press enter in the input field.

Below is the code what i have written.

(select NO_OF_REQUESTS from zcra_request into wa where ACC_NO eq zcra_request-ACC_NO.

if sy-subrc eq 0.

zcra_request-NO_OF_REQUESTS eq 0.


zcra_request-NO_OF_REQUESTS eq zcra_request-NO_OF_REQUESTS + 1.)

If u could not understand this and are willing to help me then i can send the screen shot of the screen.