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Program for PO message

I want SAP to run a program when I am creating PO.

I would like to retrieve data from PO tables (e.g. EKKO) to use it in the program, but as the PO is not yet created, the data is not entered into a database yet.

Is there a temporal table which used for containing data temporally prior to entering the data into the database later?

If yes, how can I access to the temporal table to take (retrieve) the data to use it?

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  • Hi Jackson, your request is pretty unclear.
    What should the program to do?

    Instead of a program, why do not use the standard BAdI?

    You should share more details or it will be impossible to help you

  • Thanks for your comment.

    I am developing an output program which will be executed before PO creation. I don't mind the program runs right after PO created but i do not know whether SAP has this feature aside from using a job.

    As PO is not created, the data i want to use for my program is not available in database.

    For example, when i checked table EKKO for my program, i couldn't find PO number in the database as PO was not yet created.

    But i guess the data is available in "somewhere" as they (the data) will be entered into the database.

    I am looking for that "somewhere" to get the data for my program.

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1 Answer

  • Aug 10, 2017 at 02:55 PM

    And why don't you rely on standard output messages and controls?

    You should search via google and you can find plently of wikis and examples like this one

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