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Aug 02, 2007 at 09:57 PM

SSL via Web Dispatcher to XI



This is a question that my team members have posed before, with no satisfactory resolution (even despite months of OSS ranglings with SAP!).

I am therefore hoping someone can assist.

We have PDA devices that we are attempting to connect to ECC5 via PI 7.0. They are connecting over GPRS using HTTPS. In order to authenticate they send a client certificate signed by a CA known to PI. In order to get to PI (which is in the corporate zone) they communicate with a Web Dispatcher deployed in the DMZ.

We are using end-2-end SSL on the Web Dispatcher.

The problem is that when making HTTPS communication, the WD communicates first with the Message Server to determine the port for HTTPS. Despite us specifying the J2EE port in the call, the request is directed to the ABAP HTTPS port. We are attempting to invoke a call on the SOAPAdapter which resides in the JAVA stack.

The end result is we need to authenticate using the ABAP Trust Manager (which we do not want to do as it has limitations in terms of the number of client certificates that can be registered).

We therefore need to know any way to avoid the ABAP engine and direct the call directly to the J2EE engine.

Please help!!