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Former Member
Aug 02, 2007 at 03:33 PM

LT03 (FM L_TO_CREATE_DN)_Overpicking Delivery within Tolerance Limit.


Hi Experts,

Need some urgent input. I am using L_TO_CREATE_DN to create TO for Delivery. Certain deliveries have Over-Tolerance Limit such as 10%, 20% etc which means that Picking should be allowed even if the Pick qty is greater than delivery qty but less than over-tolerance limit.


If a Delivery has Delivery Qty (in VL03N) = 1000. and Tolerance Limit = 10%. so Maximum Possible pick is (1000*10/100) + 1000 = 1100.

So in case I have already picked quantity of 900 from the delivery and the next HU I am picking has quantity 150 inside it then total pick would be 1050.

1050 > 1000 (Delivery Qty) but 1050 < 1100 (Qty within Tolerance) so it should go through.

But L_TO_CREATE_DN is giving error "Total for assigned quantities exceeds quantity to be removed".

Any thoughts on whether there is a particular setting in this FM to let it go through? Or is there a different FM available to perform this task?

Please HELP.