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Aug 02, 2007 at 02:39 PM

Revenue account issue.


Hello all,

I am currently stuck on an issue. I would be extremely grateful for any thoughts or feedback.

My client sells a certain product as well as accessories for that product. Currently, the US company code has a Revenue acct for the Product and another revenue account for the Accesories. The client has approximately 8 Resellers (who are in effect also customers) in 8 different countries. Each Reseller sells the product in their respective country. Currently all the revenue from individual customers as well as these Resellers goes into the Product Revenue A/c and the Accesory Revenue A/c. Each Reseller sells the Product in their respective country.

<b>The client wants to maintain <u>individual</u> Revenue(separate) A/c for each specific Reseller.</b>They want each Reseller to have a Revenue A/c for Product and for Accessories. They also want all the individual Revenue accts for Resellers to roll up into ONE main revenue acct for the US company code.

Eg. US company code

400000 (main revenue acct for product) $12000 (CanMalaysiaFrance)

400001 (Reseller Revenue acct for product sold in Canada) $4000

400002 (Reseller Revenue acct for product sold in Malaysia) $4000

400003 (Reseller Revenue acct for product sold in France) $4000


410000 (main revenue acct for Accessory) $6000 (CanMalaysiaFrance)

410001 (Reseller Revenue acct for accessory sold in Canada)) $2000

410002 (Reseller Revenue acct for accessory sold in Malaysia) $2000

410003 (Reseller Revenue acct for accessory sold in France) $2000


Keep in mind that regular sales to US customers (web, phone orders) need to go into the main Revenue accounts (400000 and 410000).

<b>Is there a way to configure this in SAP?</b>

Sorry for the long question, but I was trying to be as detailed as possible. Thanks in advance!