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Hybris Marketing On-Premise: error when loading social media posts from Facebook

Aug 03, 2017 at 11:50 PM


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We are trying to use the "rapid data load for SAP Hybris Marketing V5.12" to load Twitter and Facebook posts using SAP Data Services. We don't have any trouble with Twitter, but Facebook is giving us errors.

When running the Job_Facebook_Data_Load, we can see that "u'previous" gets printed, instead of the "next page:" etc. Also no entries are returned, while there are definitely posts on those Facebook Fan Pages.

When we directly insert the link in the log to Chrome, we can see that data is returned, so there doesn't seem to be any trouble with the call to Facebook itself.

I am considering the following two areas that might have issues:

1. some settings incorrect with the access token

2. "GET_F_MAP" Phyton script has some kind of issue

Currently, I am a bit lost on where the issue is, so can someone enlighten me?

fb-chrome-call.png (45.4 kB)
sds-no-entries.png (126.6 kB)
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Former Member Aug 10, 2017 at 01:16 AM

We created an SAP incident 382144 / 2017 sap rds dat load hana v5.12: Facebook returns no posts. Thankfully Hank found out that the problem was the following:

It seems Facebook updated the response structure if using the access token got from new APP with version 2.10, but it succeed with my access token because the version of my APP is still 2.6. So that's the reason why you got no result. Please try with the new script in attachment.

So for people that are creating an app using the v2.10 API, you will need to update the GET_F_DATA in your SAP SERVICE DESIGNER. Any new app created in Facebook will automatically use the v2.10 API. If you need the updated code please let me know.

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