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HANA/Express, how to display a UI5 application / how to CORS

Oct 13, 2016 at 07:29 PM


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Hi everyone,

Playing with HANA Express, and my question I guess is two fold.

I have made a schema, a table and an xsodata source through Eclipse. After adding a .xsaccess file, these work, and are visible in the browser:$format=json

An .html file in the same folder can *not* be viewed in the browser. This is a 404:

404's also after I created a UI5 application, also in Eclipse, and launching index.html

I can however launch a UI5 application through the Web IDE when it's launched as a XSJS application. This however uses a port of it's own (51005 in my case). This results in CORS issues on the oData service running on port 8000. Adding

"cors":{"enabled":true } 

Seems to do nothing.

What's the preferred way of doing creating a UI5 app and oData services this way?

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