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Aug 03, 2017 at 05:13 PM

EP FLP Extensions


Hello Experts,

I need to throuh a popup, when opening two tiles. I remember the extension posibility of the EP FLP ( But I can not find any functional example or a fully tutorial how to implement this.

What do we have?

Enterprise Portal on NW 7.5 SP04

SAPUI5 1.38.23

What have I done by now?

Deployed this javascript file to the web repository


(function() {
	"use strict","xxx.flp.extensions");"sap.ui.core.Component");

	sap.ui.core.Component.extend("xxx.flp.extensions.Component", {		
		onInit: function() {
			// just for demo - do NOT directly trigger UI actions for productive plug-ins
			// SAPUI5 is available, but DOM might not be ready yet
			if (sap.ui.getCore().isInitialized()) {
			} else {
		_sayHello: function() {"Hello World from SAP Fiori launchpad plug-in");

Entered this plugin parameters in the FLP-Page

Name of the custom plugin : xxx.flp.extensions.Component

Custom plugin url :

What do I get?

Plugin CustomBootstrapPlugin cannot get registered, because the module mechanism for plugins is not valid anymore. Plugins need to be defined as SAPUI5 components. -

My Question?

What did I wrong, anybody else doing right? Any advises?


Yes I know the alternative to build a page with two iViews. On that send the popup the other opens the app. This page I would replace with the current iView call in the launchpad. But this looks really dirty for me, so I want a better solution for the future.

Thanks and greeting,