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Oct 10, 2016 at 09:01 AM

Merging of Tracks


Hello .

I have two different tracks Track A and Track B . I want to merge both the track (not overwriting) Track A has some new DC's and existing DC to which i need to merge into Track B.

Please let me know the how we can do the Merging of Tracks in NWDI -

I have refereed the discussion Track Merging | SCN\ but the solution provided was : -

1.For that you have to define the track connections. 2

.You can get the history from Approval tab in CMS. Approval->select Histroy->arrow burtton (forward)->select target track and forward. But "Forward Component to other track" popup has Forward button only, It is not Merge option like that ( scared that it should not get overwritten). Answer will appreciated by heart.

Thanks Md Yassin Khan