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Aug 02, 2007 at 06:07 AM

Mail line breaking in lotus-Quick help is needed


Hi Gurus,

I have a very peculiar issue with external mail send from SAP to Lotus Notes.

Issue: When a PO is created in SAP a automatic mail will be sent to vendor to his

Lotus Notes from SAP. Here we are a using a subroutine where the FM

'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1' and the content of the mail is stored in text symbols

and then populated to a internal table which will be passed to the above said FM.

So this is very simple case.

My problem is now, even though it looks fine in the SOST, when mail is seen in lotus,

lines of the mail contents are breaking around 79th or 80th character, eventhough it is more than

that while appending to the internal table. I don't understand this at all, why it is happening?

Ex: in SOST if we see a line looks like this.


but in lotus it breaks and looks like below:



Any light can be thrown on this!!!

Reward is guaranteed for helpful answers!!!!

-B S B