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Former Member
Aug 02, 2007 at 04:10 AM

sysfail queue: queue stopped


i have some scenarios runnnig in my system, some scenarios are failing due to queue STOP,

when i click the queue name from the MONI, it shows that three queues namely XBTI007, XBTI003, XBTI004 are in SYSFAIL status,

when i cllick those queues, i find some 1000 entries in each of the queue,

the topmost entry shows that qRFC SXMS_ASYNC_EXEC failed due to

reason: COMMIT/ROLLBACK error on "DEFAULT" database connection...

there are many scenarios getiing stuck but i could find that the a particular scenarios qRFC execution lead to the error,

but since all the scenarios are getting stuck ....

wat action can i take....

if i select the entry with sysfail status and activate the queue, will it hamper something...

will data loss happen??

pls help...its in production system