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HANA XSJS - Call SQL Functions throws 3589 - Remote query execution failure for SQL function

We have write SQL functions to run SQL scripts in our application and calling them from XSJS.

All SQL functions working fine but sometimes some functions gives me an error,

"dberror(PreparedStatement.executeQuery): 3589 - remote query execution failure: detected unaccountably internal state in DebuggerAttachCheck.cpp:188, condition not met: 0x0000000000000000 != 0x0000000000000000"

What will be the possible solutions for this.

Please help me on this, m stuck.


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  • are these queries working correctly from the sql console and only fail during the xsjs call?

    are you embedding sql on xs? if so, make sure you correctly parametize your values... or better yet, call a stored proc and pass the input values to stored proc input parameters

  • Hi Sergio,

    Queries are working fine in SQL console and even though functions also working properly,but some times functions throws me the above error..

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