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How to repeat COSTPERUNIT / SalesForecastPrice Keyfigure to multiple Keyfiguredates?

Aug 04, 2017 at 02:30 PM


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Hello HCI Gurus,

We are trying to extract Cost per unit and Sales forecast price from S/4 and load it into IBP through HCI. In the Dataflow, we are able to only get one record for only one Keyfiguredate that we are sourcing from S/4. But this needs to be repeated multiple time for each PeriodID's in future, i.e. weeks or months. We are aware of $G_MONTHS_FORECAST global parameter, but how to map this to the Keyfiguredate and generate multiple records?

Pl advise.



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Former Member Aug 10, 2017 at 03:40 AM

We are doing this in our implementation and i feel this is the best way. Follow this procedure

i) Create custom attribute called "Cost Per Unit"

ii) Add it to the Compound Master data "Customer-Product" or which ever is relevant

iii) mark that as "Attribute as Key Figure". This will bring the time series functionality to this attribute

iv) Configure "From" and "To" in the planning area master data section

Now when you build the interface configuration through HCI and lets say as per the above snapshot, we are bringing the standard price from material master(Source: S4) on to IBP (YWPUnitPrice). Upon running the HCI, a single data record from S4 will be copied From Period:0 (i.e current Day) TO Period : 720 (720 days, as we configured that attribute as key figure at Day-Prod-Location planning level).

With this if you run the interface next week, the previous week values will be intact and unchanged, but the next 720 days will get updated with the new records. This way you can copy the single value across the required time buckets

> We felt, this the most efficient way to do and not complicating the HCI much. Please let us know if we got other ways to achieve this



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Sanchit Chandna Aug 09, 2017 at 06:36 PM

In HCI you can use the row generation source. Make a Cartesian join with the source table. With the help of Row ID generate the months using the Date Formula and feed into the key figure

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