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Aug 01, 2007 at 05:38 PM

deployment in jee5 server...



am new to the jee5 app server, and dev studio with that...and i have a few qs.

1 ) in jee 5 server if we have say 2 projects to deploy, and i have deployed one already and want to deploy the second one...both are added in the server node, now server will try to deploy both of them again, whyz this...and if i try to remove the one previously deployed, it undeploys that from the server....what can be done to keep the first one deployed and to deploy the second one ?

2) how can we use library references in this server, if we reference a library and deploy it together with the project then same issue as above comes and sometimes it's not able to refer at deploy time the library, and what is the whole process of using a library reference inside a project, i have gone thru the prev posts regarding this, but not of nay use...

what can we do to improve thses things in server...