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Aug 01, 2007 at 03:26 PM

Issue for back-order scheduling



I have an issue when trying to re-schedule production order for make-to-order.

Example :

Today, I create a make-to-order flow (sale order, triggering production order). Lack of stock, ATP proposes delivery in 30 days. => Production order has status MSPT, start date is set to today, but end date set to 30 days later.

Lucky me, stock becomes available 10 days later... Though, finish date remains far in the future, whereas it could be advanced by 20 days !

Then I'm supposed to re-schedule prod order and sale order.

==> Should the ATP be re-calculated in SD (from the sale order) or in PP (in the production order) ?

==> How can I automatically update the finish date and get a lower value ? (I tried changing scheduling parameters in the production order, without success...).

Thanks for help, if you ever have a clue about what setting is wrong.