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Got error while installing AEX standalone system in Windows

Dear All,

We have successfully installed PO system and no we are in the stage of AEX system in the same server.

But while installing the AEX server we are getting below error.

Unable to use already installed database software

NOTE : PO and AEX are installing in the same server.

Error1 : System call failed. Error 5 (0x00000005) (Access is denied.) in execution of system call 'CreateFile' with parameter (C:\Documents and Settings), line (26) in file (\bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/filesystem/synxclink.cpp), stack trace: \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/baselib/CThrThread.cpp: 73: CThrThread()::staticThreadFunction() \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/baselib/CThrThread.cpp: 80: CThrThread(eventLoop)::threadFunction() \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/guiengine/CSLPFileSystemEntriesProvider.cpp: 34: CSLPFileSystemEntriesProvider::getFileSystemEntries() \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/filesystem/syxxclink.cpp: 131: CSyLinkImpl::isResolvable() \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/filesystem/synxclink.cpp: 85: CSyLinkImpl::resolveTarget() \bas/bas/749_REL/bc_749_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/filesystem/synxclink.cpp: 18: CSyLinkImpl::getTargetPathObject() .

Error2 : Failed action: CreateFile with parameters C:\Documents and Settings Error number 5 error type WIN32_ERROR

Error3 : Assertion failed: Unable to use already installed database software. Refer to trace file sapinst_dev.log for further information.

Please find the attached files.




screenshot-14.png (36.5 kB)
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