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Aug 01, 2007 at 02:52 PM

Web dynpro web service consumption exception


Hi All,

I am getting an exception while executing my web dynpro application, which basically try to cunsume a web service method with a single input string parameter

Let me put down the steps I followed for developing this web dynpro

1) Created a Web dynpro project

2) Created an Application under it, and a component and a view is been associated to it

3) From the data modeler, created a new model, which basically inherits a Adaptive web service

4) From the controller I used apply template, which created a data link to the Controller and model

5) Created a datalink from View to Component controller and mapped the associated fields

6) In the Action tab created a new action "xx"

7) In the Layout of view created a Group UI component and associated all the fields from the context to the Group

8) Created a button to invoke the action.

9) Under the implementation tab, I called the execute controller's execute method

10) Controller class is fully generated by web dynpro , as I have given apply template (Binding in wdDoInit(), calling

modelObject().execute() method is generated by itself)

11) Once after building, deploying and running I got the screen with non editable fields and on clicking the button I

I got the exception as mentioned below

Exception on execution of web service with WSDL URL 'http://iwdfvm2225:50000/WsTest/Config1?wsdl' with operation 'TestMethod' in interface 'WsTestVi_Document'

12) But Web service works fine and returns proper value, when tested directly.(Using Web Services Navigator - Test )

Please help me to fix the issue

Thanks in advance