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Aug 01, 2007 at 01:27 PM

Userid changes and its implications


In our organization, there are situations where userid for a given user needs to be changed. Some of the reasons why the userid is changed is

Marriage, Name change, Divorce etc.

In SRM how do we handle this situation and what are the implications

a) What happens to the shopping carts created by the old userid. Is it possible for them to be associated with new userid

b) What if the shopping cart is in workflow and gets approved. Does it start appearing in the old userid or new userid

c) What if the old userid is the approver for workflow of shopping carts. Will these SCs appear when the user logs in w/ new userid

I am assuming there are no impacts on the Sourcing cockpit or Purchase Order processing.

How is this change handled? Any easy way without deleting the SCs and re-creating the same SCs under new id?