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Aug 01, 2007 at 12:55 PM

MAS Sort Activity Journal on Product Description


We are on CRM 4.0 SP07 and we are using Mobile Sales Activities with

Product Dependent Activity Journals (Button ‘Get PPR Items’ and

Button ‘Copy Previous’)

When we create an activity journal by clicking on the button ‘Get PPR

Items’ the list of products for that PPR is loaded in the tile. The

sorting of this list is probably by GUID of the products, because it is

not sorted by Product number and not by Product Description.

We would like to sort the list automatically by Product Description

(long text) when it is loaded in the tile. Also when using the button

Copy Previous, the list should automatically be sorted by product


I have tried to add an event handler ctrlctrlActDocuGrid with Row

Loaded 2 with the following code:

adocactdocu2DSO.bcol.Sort “Productkey”, “ASC”

This is not working, it is causing the tile Product, Details to be

loaded when clicking on the button Get PPR Items

Can anyone help me on how and where I can program this sorting on the

product description in Mobile Application Studio, tile

MSAACTactdocu4docactdocu2 (docactdocu2).

I am not an expert on Visual Basic so detailed instructions will be

highly appreciated.


Meily Halbersma