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Aug 01, 2007 at 11:53 AM

JCo error between BPE and Interface Mapping Programs



We are having a recurring issue with one of our interfaces where the JCo connection gets broken when BPE is calling the mapping programs. What happens is an error occurs in BPE (When the connection is broken) which stops any more messages from that interface to flow to BPE and then the result of this is the queue sending the messages to BPE gets blocked up with a system error.

XI targets the issue towards MAPPING.

The error received in BPE is :


<Trace level="1" type="T">"SYSTEM FAILURE" during JCo call. Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found</Trace></b>

Our solution for this is to restart the workflow in BPE and then restart the queue behind it and then everything flows as normal until the next time this occurs. What I was wondering is if there is timeout setting that is being met or if it is possible there is something in the mapping that is triggering this error. This issue doesn't happen all the time, its only happend's on occasion.

Any insight would be much appreciated.