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Aug 01, 2007 at 10:15 AM

DSO Transformation Info


Hello Guys,

I have a table with the following fields...

doc#, plant, amount, type.

type field is of type char length 1. sample data is B, C, D, E

the report requirement is a follows - I want to display REPORT as follows-

plant **** type ****** amount

p1****** <>'B' ****** 23545

p1****** ='B' ******* 1243

p2****** <>'B' ****** 23545

p2****** ='B' ******* 1243

and so on.

could you please let me what i need to do to get the above report requirement., do i need to have any additional infoobject other than the above 3 infobobjects to display data <>'b' and = 'b'.